New ACEMID funding for the AIS-SHIELDS project developing secure dermatology imaging databases

25 Aug 2023

ACEMID researcher Dr Ryan Sullivan, University of Sydney, has been awarded new MRFF National Critical Research Infrastructure funding for the AIS-SHIELDS (Securing Health Intelligence Efforts & Linking Data Silos) project.

ACEMID is currently generating significant amounts of 3D total body imaging research data from 15 research sites across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. As part of ACEMID we store highly sensitive images of participants.

AIS-SHIELDS will deliver secure national infrastructure to preserve the privacy of participants while analysing images using machine learning.

The technology to be developed in this project will be scalable nationally providing secure tools for all dermatology imaging.

This project brings together teams at University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, Macquarie University, Australian Imaging Service (AIS), Melanoma Institute Australia, QCIF, Intersect, and Australian BioCommons, building on collaboration with Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and National Imaging Facility (NIF).