ACEMID researcher secures over $1 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants

27 May 2020

Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer and currently costs taxpayers more than $100 million annually.

ACRF Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis researcher, Professor Rachael Morton, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, The University of Sydney, has been awarded over $1 million in NHMRC funding to evaluate the economic benefit of melanoma genomics for prevention, artificial intelligence-driven diagnostics, and immunotherapy.

Professor Morton’s approach will include behavioural economics and evaluation approaches through the whole spectrum of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

This project, based at the University of Sydney, has the potential to transform targeted skin surveillance programs across Australia and identify achievable cost-savings to healthcare.

The ultimate goals of Professor Morton’s research are to improve survival and quality of life for patients and enhance the sustainability of Australia’s healthcare system.

 “My vision is to embed behavioural economics and health economic evaluation in flagship melanoma trials.” Professor Morton said.

“Health economics is ideally placed to determine the value of investment in melanoma funding decisions, and better inform sustainable healthcare.”

Investigator Grants are awarded to high-performing researchers at all career stages to allow them flexibility to pursue innovative research and to form collaborations without being restricted to a specific research project.

The Investigator grant round is the NHMRC’s largest funding scheme with grants commencing in January 2021.

Media: Melissa Kerr,